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At the Intersection of Proximity ID Technologies and the Internet of Things

At the Intersection of Proximity ID Technologies and the Internet of Things

IoTProxIDIntersectionA lot of people these days are talking about IoT or the Internet of Things. There are “connected” cars, wine bottles, clothing, appliances, jewelry, movie posters, games and toys … just about any product you can think of can be connected to the digital world in some way, shape or form. IoT is at the convergence of mobility and connectivity to the cloud, and cloud computing and Big Data. TrackHack is doing more than just talking: we are creating the next stage of the IoT journey.

TrackHack™: the Proximity ID Hackathon is the first-ever hackathon focused solely on the proximity ID technologies that power the Internet of Things. Whether radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and beacons, or near field communication (NFC), these proximity ID technologies, merged with cloud-based applications enable complete interaction between the physical and digital worlds.

AccelerateNFC, along with partner Flomio, organized TrackHack to give developers the tools to create the next wave of IoT applications. We’re launching this new series of hackathons in London, November 20-22, at London Campus, a Google Space. Our sponsors represent various sectors of the IoT ecosystem, including associations and standards forums, software and hardware providers, solutions providers, trainers and educators, investors and mentors — all providing the latest tools, technologies and guidance to create the next wave of IoT applications.

Hackers and developers joining TrackHack will be faced with challenges in the following areas—all enabling the IoT: Security, Marketing/Advertising, Social, Gaming, Payments, and Track and Trace. And, $10,000 grand in prize money is at stake for the winning solutions!

We invite you to come see what the next leg of the IoT journey has in store!

About the Author:


Robert Sabella brings is considered one of the most innovative leaders in developing and bringing new technologies to market. Mr. Sabella is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, innovator and author. He started several companies, invested in a few more and invented a few products along the way with two current patent-pending applications. He authored two books, RFID+ and the soon to be published NFC for Dummies™. He is passionate about start-ups, both as an entrepreneur and an investor. Mr. Sabella’s focus is on all things related to mobile proximity, specifically RFID, NFC, BLE and mobile apps.

Mr. Sabella created and co-founded the proximity ID technology focused accelerator program, AccelerateNFC, as well as co-organized the global hackathon series TrackHack™: The Proximity ID Hackathon. He continues to train people and organizations around the world on proximity technologies and the solutions they enable through the NFC Bootcamps.

Mr. Sabella earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degrees in philosophy and a Juris Doctor from Boston College and is a member of the New York and Massachusetts bar.