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The Hack

Apps will need to focus on one of these Internet of Things solution sets which build bridges between the physical and digital worlds:

  • Track and Trace: Asset tracking, enterprise visibility, supply chain management ie., from manufacturing to the in-store customer experience.
  • Social: Enhance, alter, and establish social interactions.
  • Payments: Enable more relevant ways to pay for goods and services.
  • Marketing / Advertising: Build new ways brands can engage their customers when it is most valuable — at the point of decision.
  • Gaming: Enrich games to take them beyond the digital world and into the physical realm.
  • Security: From secure transactions to the security of things.

Your app will need to run on the latest version of iOS and Android.

You will get a presentation template, so you don’t need to worry about making your presentation to the judges look cool.

What you get

  • Lots of Proximity Tech gear: Developer kits and software will be provided by our sponsors
  • NFC gear like tags, wristbands, stickers, cards
  • One month of free cloud based proximity software courtesy of Intellifi
  • Food, drinks and an incredibly cool T-shirt.

Developer help

Expert proximity ID developers will be on hand to work with you. We will also have a back-end developer on hand to assist with server-side matters (as well as folks from Intellifi, a nifty back-end proximity cloud offering we love).

Very Important Note

Before we go any further we want to assure you: your code, ideas, thoughts remain YOUR OWN property (or your team). You keep your code wherever you want and we will never take it away from you. We want to help spur innovation in proximity technology and that’s it.

Also be aware that the ideas and prototype you present at the Proximity ID Hackathon will no longer be confidential. It’s a hackathon and there are people (and maybe even press and investors) around you.